Mississippi School Eye Exam

Beginning July 1, 2019, the Mississippi State Board of Education requires that a child who fails a school vision screening is required to have an eye exam by an eye doctor (HB1322).

Statistics show that 25 percent of all school-age children have vision problems and more than 80 percent do not get the help they need. Results of the MOA and MVF Third Grade Eye Exam program (aimed at students who did not pass the third-grade reading assessment) reveal that 88 percent of the students who were tested were found to be in need of some form of visual intervention.

Don’t wait for a school screening to get an eye exam for your child! Screening is exactly what the name suggests, a screening. A child can pass a vision screening and still have vision problems that can only be detected by a comprehensive eye exam.

​​​​​​​At Henderson Vision Center, we specialize in pediatric eye exams. We have tests designed for kids to make sure your child’s eyes can focus, work well together, and see clearly. We know how to ease 1st eye exam stress your child may experience.

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